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Keep your love for reading active and alive

Wizards? Dogs? Mystery? What do you like to read? There are endless   possibilities! Books are their own lands that pull you in and make you feel like you really there! We realize that this may be a hard time for many parents as well as kids. But Big Sister Reading is a place where you can clear your mind of all your troubles, sit down, and just enjoy a good book!


A friendly and

low-stress environment for kids

A free volunteering site!


Kids mentor kids

Carefully chosen books just right for your child's age!

Make "Big Sister" connections 

with your teachers!

Upcoming classes

Kindergarten and first grade

This zoom class is for kids in the grades Kindergarten and first grade who want to continue to have reading time in a small-group, low stress, friendly environment.  Each of the five days that we meet will start with reading a picture book and along the way we will talk about predictions, characters, and much more. Additionally, we will invite everyone to participate in fun activities across this two week threes times a week session!

Check out our new way to learn- Online courses!

Calling all second and third graders! For these two grades we offer an interactive zoom and online classes filled fun activities! Each week we will dive into a short chapter book like the I Survived series, or the Who Was books. In each class we will read a few chapters from the book and then have a conversation about what we just read. Who were the characters? How would you describe them? Where is the book taking place? So come join us on this amazing adventure by clicking below!

Second and

third grade

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Calling all teachers!

Big Sister Reading is looking for students who are committed and passionate about helping out others during these tough times. Sign up below now to help us reach even more kids every singe day! 


Kids! Kids! Kids!

Interested in reading but want to learn in a fun and friendly environment? Well, you have come to the right place! Big Sister Reading offers tons of classes in two different platforms. Click below to learn more about our classes and to sign up!